Products Range

Rigid Foams

These are closed cell systems which are used in a large range of applications such as boat filling for bouncy, insulation, taxidermy, void filling, the manufacture of cornices, and for structural and furniture requirements.

Three different systems are available:
• A 35kg/m3 density foam system for general void filling, boat buoyancy, taxidermy applications and general insulation.
• A 70kg/m3 density foam system for taxidermy applications, cornices and for other applications which require higher foam densities.
• A 85kg/m3 density foam system for moulded furniture applications, namely for the production of high quality simulated wood articles.
• A 240kg/m3 density foam system for production of block rigid foam for 3D machining.

Flexible Foams

These systems produce open cell flexible foam products with different hardnesses and densities to accommodate a multitude of end applications.

Systems available are:
• A Integral foam systems which can be used in the moulding of articles such as head rests, gear knobs,
steering wheels, etc. for the automotive industry, and arm rests for the furniture industry.

• Speciality foam systems like latex feel polyurethane foam for production of pillows or mattress toppers.

Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants

Coating systems produced can be broken down into two categories. Ones that can be applied by spray machines
because of their high reactivity and low reactivity systems which can be applied by hand.

Systems available are:
• Spray coatings include liners for pickup vehicles (bakkie spray system), waterproofing of car park decking and coating of polystyrene profiles.
• Hand systems can be applied by either a roller or squeegee to produce a high gloss seamless coating.

Main areas of application are in hospital floors, garage service floors, top layer car park decking, coating of polystyrene profiles, etc.

Adhesives produced are one component moisture cure and two component systems. One component systems are used in applications of binding rubber crumb rubber for laying out sports fields, playing grounds and rubber mats. Other moisture cure products available are for gluing polystyrene to polystyrene and for gluing polystyrene to metal faces. A highly reactive one component moisture glue is also available for quick drying times should this be a request.

A two component system is also available. This can be tailor made to customer requirements. We also produce a general purpose sealant for concrete but prefer to produce products which meet customer requirements.


We currently produce a specialized spray system which has good wear characteristics, polyester systems of different Shore A hardnesses used in the production of mining screens and 3 component high wear polyether MDI system. We have the capability of producing PTMEG two component MDI systems which can be used in place of MOCA systems.

Added to the above we also have the capabilities of producing hot cast systems which can be reacted with either MOCA or Ethacure 100. Raw materials used are PTMEG, high grade polyesters polyols or caprolactones which are used to cover a wide range of hardnesses.

As a general guide:
Polyethers are recommended for applications where parts undergo dynamic stress, i.e. they incur lower heat build-up. They also have advantages in high resilience , low temperature performance and resistance to water attack (hydrolysis). Polyethers also have lower viscosity and specific gravity.

Polyester based urethanes give superior cut, tear, abrasion, oil and solvent resistance. MDI based urethanes have lower isocyanate odour than similar TDI types and have superior hydrolysis resistance.

Polycaprolactones exhibit good cut tear, load bearing and abrasion resistance with the added advantage of better hydrolysis resistance when compared to Polyesters.

Cold Cure Elastomers

In addition to all the other products we also produce a variety of cold cure elastomers, Shore hardnesses for a low as 15 Shore A (hardness of latex) all the way up to 80 Shore D (harness of wood or very hard plastic).

Applications for these products include encapsulation of electronics and high current cables, encapsulation of straw for the production of thatch roofing tiles, production of mannequins, rollers, paving moulds, high temperature mouldings, etc.

Elastomeric Spray Systems

Diverse Urethanes has a comprehensive range of sprayable products from a 100% polyurethane to Hybrids. To 100% polyurea systems.

Applications range from truck beds liners, floor and wall coatings, general waterproofing, tank linings, etc. These systems have fast curing times, teamed with fast build for very thick requirements means reduced labour and time, offering an extremely cost effective solution.