Rigid Foams


RIGID M779 is specially formulated as a foaming adhesive for the assembly of pleated paper elements into metal frames. It exhibits rapid thixotropy and long ‘open time’, whilst giving a semi rigid foam on final cure which resists fracture due to flexing and vibration. The foam, being substantially closed cell, is also washable with insignificant water uptake. It is used with MR200 MDI.


PS HDF 435 is a polyether based polyol, designed for use with the polymeric isocyanate, MR 200, for the production of high density rigid polyurethane foam mouldings and encapsulation.

RIM 0562

Rim 0562 is a black pigmented polyol blend. It is designed for use in the production of very stiff RIM applications where moderate heat distortion properties are required (up to 60°C). It is normally used with MR200 isocyanate.