Technical Data Sheets (TDS)


Prepolymers are high performance elastomers with exceptional strength and durability used in a wide range of industries, for various application, with hardness’s ranging from 80 Shore A to 75  Shore D.

Prepolymers have good wear and chemicals resistance with excellent physical properties and used for a wide range of applications for automotive, mining, construction, rollers, seals/gaskets, and high-performance engineering components.


Cost effective systems used in various applications and industries.

Construction – concrete moulds, Automotive – mountings, bushes, Mould making Film Industry Hardness’s range from 40 Shore A to 80 Shore D


BINDERS and ADHESIVES are more commonly single component moisture reaction products.


All the curatives are intended for use with the Era Polymers range of “Cast Elastomers”. The cast elastomer component, known as the “part A” is reacted with the Curative, to form the solid cast elastomer.