Elastomers – Spray Systems

PBS 600 P + PBS 600 I

Standard 1:1 bakkie liner

PBS H 700 P + PBS H 700 I

Hybrid Polyure Spray system

PBS H 1000 P + PBS H 1000 I

PBS H 1000 POLYOL is a polyether based polyol blend which, when reacted with PBS H 1000 ISO using suitable two-component air assisted low pressure spray equipment or high pressure spray equipment, yields a high quality, high performance, solvent-free 85 to 90 Shore A elastomeric coatings.

HT 80

High Heat resistant spray polyurethane. Requires high pressure machines to apply.

PBS 2000u

Pure 2 component polyurea spray system. Long over-coating times (6 – 8 hours)