January - Linda Liu

January – Linda Liu

Luna Park, Sydney, Australia
A happy photograph taken by a happy lady

February - Hugh Fraser

February – Hugh Fraser

The Yarra River, Melbourne, Australia
Hugh is the cyclist in our company. Wherever his bike goes, so does his camera.

March - Alex Papamanuel

March – Alex Papamanuel

The Meteora Monasteries, Kalambaka, Greece
A magical and holy place, where the family did some serious bonding.

April - Anne Bell

April – Anne Bell

Termite Hill, Tropic of Capricorn, Western Australia
Australia has the most voracious termites in the world – truly.

May - Nicola French

May – Nicola French

Grounds of Fishbourne Roman Palace, Chichester, West Sussex, England
This does something for me. Simple composition, excellent execution

June - Master George Papamanuel

June – Master George Papamanuel

Delphi, Greece
Master George Papamanuel, 12 years old. George has good eye, yes? He takes after his namesake.

July - Peter Woodfield

July – Peter Woodfield

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand
The bridge to Terabithia is in New Zealand?

August - George Papamanuel

August – George Papamanuel

Santorini, Greece
It was dusk. The Princess was absorbing the serenity, tranquillity and grandeur, from our balcony.

September - Emilie Degoue

September – Emilie Degoue

The Twelve Apostles, the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
Once upon time there were 12. Now – Who knows!

October - George Zavras

October – George Zavras

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA
It just shows you how good iPhone cameras are!

November - Terry Petkovic

November – Terry Petkovic

The Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia
Not bad Terry for your first effort.

December - Rob McLean

December – Rob McLean

Amalfi Village Store, Italy
We do lots of scenery shots, so why not a fruity one!