January - Stella Hioe


Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Stella is one of our front office, quite achievers. She’s good, very good at everything she takes on. She even has a deft hand with the camera. Nice composition. Classic Shot. What I can’t figure out ,is who painted the Opera House !

February - Chris Georgiopoulos


East Coast of Tasmania, Australia
Chris has been absent for a couple of years from the calendar. He didn’t think that he had any shots worthy enough to submit. Can you believe that?! When he’s not producing molecules, he’s selling Kalamata Olives and Fetta Cheese. And then occasionally, he finds time to go to the “Real Outback” and take shots like this. They’re so good he even sells the occasional one, to film libraries! Thank goodness he’s never asked ME for royalties.

March - Alex Papamanuel


Cloud Gate, “The Bean”, Chicago, USA
This is the shot that Alex wanted in LAST year’s calendar. He had to take me to Chicago, THIS YEAR, just to show me the “Bean” - I agree - nice shot Alex. What I can’t figure out, is who cleans the fingerprints off daily. The bean is spotless, and it’s definitely worth going to Chicago, just to experience the street theatre, around it.

April - Brian Dennis


Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
It’s taken more than ten years of asking somebody / anybody from Samos to submit a favourite photo. And this year up pops Brian. He submitted a dozen or so. All are good enough just to have a calendar dedicated to him. Chris, watch out, you have some serious competition.

May - Louise Logan


Stonehenge, Salisbury, United Kingdom
Generally I have to coax Louise to submit a shot or two. She is too much, in awe of Chris. i.e. She loves his photos so much, she hides them on her computer! She doesn’t think that she comes up to his standard. None of us do. But what the heck. This is a calendar for Happy Snappers, NOT necessarily, pros. I’m not sure at what time Louise went to Stonehenge, because there’s hardly a soul in sight. That’s an achievement, in its own right.

June - Steve Johnston


Koh Phi Phi Lae, Thailand
I think that Steve is our fourth virgin for this year. Certainly this year, this is my favourite shot. If you squint, you can just about see “era”on the lead boat. How did you get that one, Steve?

July - James Dumitriu


Making Cider, France
James hit the jackpot. In his first few weeks of joining the Era family, he made the Newsletter AND the calendar. How good is that! You can tell a lot about a person, when you look at the photographs they take.
Chris, for example likes those isolated, in the middle of nowhere, stark scenery shots. James on the other hand, goes for the human interest “street theatre” shots — here we have cider manufacture in France, in the street! How many people find that interesting?

August - George Papamanuel


AUGUST – The Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt
Well this calendar idea came about because I thought that it would be nice to show our friends and customers some of our Happy Holiday Shots. A chance for ordinary people (with one exception) to show what photos they take, on their travels. Me, I’ve been blessed, to have seen so much, in 37 years of seeing the world. And by far, the most impressive sight I have seen in my life, is the Pyramids. I walked around them for 4 hours. And I convinced myself that human beings didn’t build them. Who did?

September - Josip Salopek


The Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Josip seems to like “bird’s eye” view shots— his last three have been looking down, from a great height, on the world around him. Obviously he doesn’t suffer from vertigo.

October - Dave Weir


Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, NZ
Dave is a Kiwi through and through, even down to the REALLY Cold weather he likes. So what a better place to experience chilly weather than Queenstown EnZed ! Nice shot Dave.

November - Terry Petkovic


Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto, Japan
Like all of us, Terry has a multi faceted role. One such role is to grow the business in Japan. He figures that he can do a better job than B2. I agree. Taking classy photos like this is dead easy in Japan. The Japanese make a habit of cultivating pristine gardens. BUT, you still have to get the composition right.

December - Rob McLean


Port Noarlunga, SA, Australia
Rob has made it in our calendar, two years in a row. Obviously he spends his holidays near the beach. Rob has just about, worked out the ‘rule of thirds “. He, too, must have gotten up early to make this shot, people free.