January – Rob McLean


Brighton Beach, VIC, Australia
Virgin number three. Rob lives in Adelaide and goes to Melbourne for his holidays! That beats Penrith any day.

February – Hugh Fraser


Colo River, NSW, Australia
Hugh spends most of the year fussing over machines that will work, and some that never seem to ever work. So to de-stress the majesty and grandeur of the Colo, it is.

March – Alex Papamanuel


Alsancak Limani, Izmir, Turkey
Alex has come of age as a photographer. He produced some really fantastic shots during his recent USA marathon. So why did I choose this one? I like horses and donkeys.

April – Kay King


Mykonos Beach, Greece
Quick! Ask Kay which is her favourite Greek island. SAMOS, silly! So why did she go to Mykonos?

May – Tina Papamanuel


Paris, France
Here we were in the City of Love. We walked everywhere. We held hands. We were on our own Haj. It was part of a promise that I made over 32 years ago. I took 623 photos, and my soul mate took one. Enjoy. It might take me another 32 years to get her to take another.

June – Laszlo Meszaros


Old Castlereagh Road, Penrith Lakes, NSW, Australia
Another one of our photographic virgins. BUT Penrith?! This one’s for sale. A steal at $400,000.

July – Brian Hudson


Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia
So who says that you have to go to faraway lands to relax and enjoy? There’s nothing wrong with Nelsons Bay, is there, Brian? After you cut the grass, fix the kitchen, de cobweb, de dust, you head for the water, and presto.

August – George Papamanuel


Kodak Corner, Margaret River, WA, Australia

September – Josip Salopek


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Josip is half Croatian and half Indonesian. So he, like Terry, went back to his father’s birthplace for a Haj.

October – Nicole Williams


Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
I think you’re supposed to throw a coin in the fountain and wish for a boy. On cue, Adam(anTina) came right along. Very juicy. Big ears, big feet like his grandfather. We’ll have to wait and see if he has a temper.

November – Dave Weir


Road to Glenorchy, New Zealand
Dave has become our new “Peter Bekiaris”. Peter’s and now Dave’s forte, is to head to the land of the Long White Cloud and take these moody, soulful shots. The only difference is that; Dave takes his soul mate along.

December – Tony Hatzikiriakos


Alma Park Zoo, Queensland, Australia
What’s a bird got to do with the rest of the photos in this year’s collection? Not much. But it’s a pretty bird.