January - Rachel Nelmes


Pasha Bulker - Nobbys Beach, Newcastle Australia
Another one of our virgin photographers. It took me three weeks of gentle reminding to get this one from Rachel. I think that Rachel, like yours truly, now takes Gingko memory tablets, religiously, daily. Another one of our hidden talents.

February - Nicole Williams


Roman Colosseum, Rome, Italy
When you spend three weeks in Europe on your honeymoon, you can't help but take some great shots, right? For Shannon, he too, finally made a pilgrimage to Samos Island. Considering that he has been managing Samos Polymers for 5 years, it felt as if he was going home!

March - Terry Petkovic


Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, Croatia
Terry's first submission was a shot of a boring tree. He's getting better, year by year.

April - Kay King


The Step Pyramid, Saqqara-Egypt
Kay had to dig through the archives for this one. Nice. In keeping with her yearning for exotic holiday spots, I think that she and Bob are planning a Machu Picchu trek..... Soon.

May - Louise Logan


The Warwick, Fiji
Louise doesn't believe that she has a good eye for photography. I disagree, She has an excellent eye.

June - Chris Georgiopoulos


Sugarloaf Rock at Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, Western Australia
Chris always makes the rest of us look like downright amateurs. But we're all happy to be "happy snappers ".Right guys?

July - Alex Papamanuel


Istanbul, Turkey
Alex and his father have both fallen in love with “Is Tin Poli". ISTANBUL, to you and me.

August - Shannon Williams


Temple of (H)era, Ireon Samos, Greece

September - Josip Salopek


Yankee Stadium, New York, USA
Josip had to climb on the roof, to take this "bird’s eye 'view. Good one Josip.

October - George Papamanuel


The Louvre, Paris, France
The holiday to beat all holidays England, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Hong Kong, mean that I get to spoil myself and have two photos this year. But next year look out the “boss of the boss” may even make a grand, long awaited entry.

November - Dave Weir


Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dave may have lost the Footy Tipping competition to Brian Hudson, BUT, he definitely takes better photos. And when he puts his mind to it, he can even beat him at squash!

December - George Papamanuel


Samos, Greece