January - Kim Charlesworth


Samson Fountain, Peterhof St. Petersburg | Russia
Nice Palace, Nice Fountain. The upper classes really knew how to live whilst eating their cake!

February - Shannon Williams


Samos | Greece
An Era calendar without a photo of Samos – Nah! This is Shannon’s first attempt at making it. The setting is just outside Tina’s village of Vourliotes. The village in the background is Kokkari and Turkey is not that far away either.

March - Alex Papamanuel


The Lone Cypress, Pebble Beach, California | USA
Alex tells me that anybody who knows anything about golf knows about this tree. Really!!

April - Kay King


Bryce Canyon, Utah | USA
Kay and Bob did the Grey Nomad thing around America. She took a 1000 shots on her iPad. Not bad eh!

May - James Dumitriu


St Paul, Nice | France
James seems to take lotsa photos of France. I’m not sure where St. Paul is, but I’d love to know who wears the red polkadot underpants!

June - Jeff Ryan


Santorini | Greece
Sunset at Santorini. What could be more romantic? I’m told however the donkey ride to the top isn’t so… And, it’s definitely on the bucket list.

July - Rhys Waldron


Grand Canyon, Arizona | USA
Yes, I too can picture myself just sitting and sitting and drinking in the majesty, tranquillity and grandeur.

August - George Papamanuel


Pamukkale, Denizli | Turkey

Would you believe that this place was once called HiERApolis – which means ‘Holy City’. Now the hot springs are known as Pamukkale. And the love of my life, even took her shoes off and waded around. Nice!

September - Emilie Degoue


Kangaroo Island | South Australia

A French lady taking a quintessential shot of a gum tree and Koala. And they’re not “Bears” by the way. They are marsupials.

October - Zorana Brnovic


Kanchanaburi | Thailand
With Zorana it was a tossup between a church and this one. The tiger won. The empathy between man and beast is overpowering.

November - Dave Weir


Queenstown, Otago | New Zealand
I’ve taken the same shot, but not nearly as good as Dave’s. And his looks too good not to have been Photoshopped.

December - Nicola French


Maidenbower, Crawley, West Sussex | UK
This does something for me. It looks and feels cold! And reminds me that one year I promise to take the whole family to a white Christmas.